11 May 2021

ARLECCHINO thin Baroque Scalloped Edge Frameless Mirror Venetian-style mirrored glass by ORSITALIA. Arlecchino by Orsitalia, glamorous Venetian-style mirrors, for wall decor, with its frameless Baroque inspired shape and scalloped sides, this beveled accent mirror is a welcome addition to any bathroom or entryway Decor. Arlecchino produced by ORSITALIA is a must for opening up a smaller space in your bedroom and bouncing light around your room for a brighter feel. Arlecchino asymmetrical frameless baroque inspired mirrors have a way of adding personality to a space, like no other piece of decor can do. Arlecchino asymmetrical Accent Wall Mounted Mirrors Decor for Living Room Bedroom Entryway, Small Size irregular shaped mirror, are a perfect wall decor and artistic display for living room also on modern sideboards to create a great and elegant contrast. Arlecchino Baroque Frameless Wall Mirror, Venetian-style and Wall-Mounted Mirrors, allows Orsitalia’s young designer to create custom and exclusive corners reflecting your personal and glamourous style in your home or in your Hotel, restaurant, resort. Exclusive touches of exclusive Italian style.

Info request about this product

cm. W. 76 x H. 99 - Spessore cm. 3
All ORISTALIA’s models are entirely handmade, like in the best Italian artisan tradition. ORSITALIA performs quality control tests in every phase of the production line, to always assure to our customers only the highest quality. Our strong point is the ability to offer tailor-made solutions, to fulfill every request of our customers.
ORSITALIA has studied this special baroque design and special glass work for Arlecchino mirror but Orsitalia can produce also beveled frameless mirros on design and with custom glass ornamental frame.
care istructions
For glass: use soft cloth and a mirror cleaner.