08 Apr 2018

BLACK LUXURY Italian Living room furniture by ORSITALIA: the classic luxury baroque Italian style turned elegantly into a modern French baroque style into BLACK LUXURY dining chairs for luxury living room bespoke by ORSITALIA. Orsitalia makes the classic baroque style to contemporary and colored GLAM style, strictly handmade in Italy by Italin skilled Orsitalia’s craftsmen. Black Luxury dinner chairs in carved Beech wood, of New Baroque style, upholstered by hand with high and ergonomic backrest. Contemporary fashion chairs for living room or kitchen or exclusive restaurant 100% hand made in Italy by Orsiitalia. Orsitalia has studied, for BLACK LUXURY no arms fine carved baroque chairs, handles created into the chair’s frame to moove them easily. ORSITALIA offers as covers for BLACK LUXURY chair to be used also into a modern classic kitchen, stain resistant textiles or easy to clean or Italian fake leathers in many colors to match both to classic kitchens or modern ones. All furnishings marked ORSITALIA are entirely handmade in Italy by master craftsmen and are characterized by the use of the best raw materials and the meticulous care of all the slightest details.The dining chair Black will fit any kind of location, and offers endless customization possibilities thanks to a wide range of leather, fabrics and finishes. You just have to choose your favorite combination. ORSITALIA will stay at your complete disposal to support with design and technical solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us we will show you our world made of wood, beauty and Italian Designs.

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W.53 x D.57 x H.106 - seat H.51 cm.
All ORISTALIA’s models are entirely handmade, like in the best Italian artisan tradition. We start creating our masterpieces from a solid wood’s frame, which is then manually carved by master craftsmen. Our creations then undergo the phase of wood finishing by manual lacquering or by the manual application of metal leaves. Our chairs are then manually upholstered using polyurethane foam in different density to give the best comfort and durability. The finest leathers and velvets or silks give the final touch. ORSITALIA performs quality control tests in every phase of the production line, to always assure to our customers only the highest quality. Our strong point is the ability to offer tailor-made solutions, to fulfill every request of our customers.
Model: Black
Item: dinner chairs, 100% Made in Italy
Frame: strong beech wood, carved
Wood finishing: wide palette of colors for lacquering; silvered; gilted; classic wood finishings or special custom-made polishing.
Upholstery: tailor-made by Italian handicraftsmen. Wide choice of textiles as: fire resistant fake leathers; stain resistant textiles; velvet; satin; grain leather. Orsitalia will support you for free to combine together different textiles or different colors to create your own customized living corner.
The Black chair can be customized and tailored by ORSITALIA with wide range of wood polishing and also with many washable and fire resistant fake leathers or velvets easy to clean with a large choice of colors palettes. Orsitalia start manufacturing from raw frames so you could choice the color and the polish of your chairs without any additional cost; as well as the kind of textile you prefer to cover your chairs and the color. Orsitalia gives a free stylistic consultancy service to best customize cutomer's projects.
For wood: Vacuum cleaner or soft dry cotton cloth. Remember the wood is alive, do not use harsh household cleaners.
For Velvets, wool, linen, satin: Vacuum cleaner or dry cleaning.
For leather, fake leather, microfaser: wipe off dirt lightly with a damp cotton cloth.