15 Mar 2015

Orsitalia presents to their customers King double luxury bed model CARLA of Contemporary Baroque style. Orsiitalia’s designer “Matteo Orlandin” thought for this tufted and wooden luxuous bed two solutions: 1. wooden bed frame at sight, customizable both in wood polish and in the choice of different textiles and colors for upholstery to chose between those offered by Orsitalia. 2. a wall panel bed head with tailor-made padding and customizable shape of quilting. Our Designer, Matteo Orlandin, embedded the classic wooden bedframe into a modern padded headboard , opening new frontiers to beds in Contemporary style , giving endless possibilities of measures on request , of combinations of colors and materials , various types of embroideries and also jewel buttons. The bed Carla goes beyond the concept of wainscoting designs. Orsitalia produces the king or queen size luxury double bed both with upholstered or polished wood footboard and with bed box. Orsitalia will supply even the bedhead frame to hang to hang on the wall.
All the bedrooms marked ORSI ITALIA are 100% handmade in Italy by master craftsmen and are characterized by the use of the best raw materials and the meticulous care of all the slightest details. The double bed Carla thanks to its versatility fits perfectly to the needs of a luxury hotel than to those of a luxury house both classic than of design .Orsitalia offers endless customization possibilities thanks to a wide range of leather, fabrics and finishes. More, Orsiitalia have in its collection washable and fire proof fabrics for Contract use.You just have to choose your favorite combination.

Normal upholstered bedframe: L. x H.
Wall panel Bed head: W.290 x H.200 cm. or sizes on demand
Available with: upholstered bedframe – wood bedframe – box bed

Info request about this product

All ORISTALIA’s models are entirely handmade, like in the best Italian artisan tradition. We start creating our masterpieces from a solid wood’s frame, which is then manually carved by master craftsmen. Our creations then undergo the phase of wood finishing by manual lacquering or by the manual application of metal leaves. Our sofas are then manually upholstered using polyurethane foam and feathers for the padding. The finest leathers and velvets or silks give the final touch. ORSITALIA performs quality control tests in every phase of the production line, to always assure to our customers only the highest quality. Our strong point is the ability to offer tailor-made solutions, to fulfill every request of our customers.
Bed head: cm W. 290 x H. 200
Container bed: available in few sizes.
ORSITALIA offers the possibility of customizing every slight detail of our models.
Wood Frame: we offer more than 20 different finishing style:
- classic ones like: venetian lacquering, dark or honey walnut – mahogany – sherry – wenghé – “decapé” polishing;
- fashion ones like: silver or gold or aluminum leaf scratch proof, sanded wood brushed to temper in any color;
- modern ones like: all RAL colors matt or glossy glazing Find more
Upholstery: ORSITALIA offers more than 40 different leathers and textiles, such as cotton velvet, fire proof velvet, silk satin, linen satin, damask velvet, eco leather even fireproof, genuine leather, eco fur.
After selecting the fabric of your interest you can select your perfect color, thanks to our vast offer we are able to find almost every existing color Find more
Finishing: ORSITALIA offers custom-made solutions also for buttons and for the finishing touch of the upholstery as: different kinds of trimming, different kind of ribbons or different kind of nails.