22 Jun 2017

CLEOPATRA ANIMALIER by ORSITALIA: bespoke and glamour Leopard chaise longue, contemporary and customized Baroque dormeuse Animalier, fancy Italian Designs produced 100% in Italy by Orsitalia’s handicraftsmen. Orsitalia combine Animalier textiles, Leopard and Zebra, with glossy or matt velvet and, to make Cleopatra Animalier loveseats with one arm more exclusive, with long hair and colored Italian faux fake fur. Orsitalia cutomize also the wood color of the smooth and baroque frame with a wide choice of lacquering, polishing, gilding and silvering. Cleopatra Animalier dormeuses are available with arm and backrest on right or lef side, to offer Designs solutions for every location. Cleopatra Animalier, in New Baroque style, embodies all the charm and elegance that characterize the Rococo style and Orsitalia made the dormeuse into fashion and modern style granting always Italian quality. Cleopatra Animalier Dormeuse is masterpiece that can perfectly fit also into Contract Interior Project, thanks to all customizations offered by Orsitalia offering a wide choice of fire-proof textiles and leathers.
Contact us, Orsitalia’s team will be glad to follow you in your own customization! We will show you our world made of wood, beauty and Italian Designs.

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cm L. 168 x P. 62 x H. 68
All ORISTALIA’s models are entirely handmade, like in the best Italian artisan tradition. We start creating our masterpieces from a solid Beech wood’s frame, which is then manually customized.
Cleopatra Animalier by Orsitalia, thanks to tailor-made solutions offered, is able to fulfill every request of our customers and create exclusive and elegant living corners.
Cleopatra Animalier dormeuses are 100% produced in Italy by Italian handicraftsmen of Orsitalia.
Soft padded arms and little backrest can be produced on right or left side to better fit any location.
Solid structure in strong beech woodcoated in variable-density polyurethane foam. Seat suspension provided by crossed elastic webbing to give the best comfort.
The covers are customized by different kind of fabrics (linen, cotton, wool); velvets; Animalier fabrics, fake leathers and real leather, faux fake furs.
ORSITALIA offers the possibility of customizing every slight detail of our models.
Wood Frame: we offer more than 20 different finishing style:
- classic ones like: venetian lacquering, dark or honey walnut – mahogany – sherry – wenghé – “decapé” polishing;
- fashion ones like: silver or gold or aluminum leaf scratch proof, sanded wood brushed to temper in any color;
- modern ones like: all RAL colors matt or glossy glazing Find more
Upholstery: ORSITALIA offers more than 40 different leathers and textiles, such as cotton velvet, fire proof velvet, silk satin, linen satin, damask velvet, eco leather even fireproof, genuine leather, eco fur.
After selecting the fabric of your interest you can select your perfect color, thanks to our vast offer we are able to find almost every existing color Find more
Finishing: ORSITALIA offers custom-made solutions also for buttons and for the finishing touch of the upholstery as: different kinds of trimming, different kind of ribbons or different kind of nails.
For wood: avoid using solvents and abrasives, use to clean only a humid soft cloth. Remember the wood is alive, so do not put into too damp or too dry rooms.
For Velvets, wool, linen, satin: Vacuum cleaner or dry cleaning only.
For leather, fake leather, microfaser: wipe off dirt lightly with a damp cotton white cloth.
Do not expose the product directly and for longtime to sunlight and never to the rain. It is a product for Interior Designs.
Do not put the product near any heating sources.