29 Jun 2023

FIORE classic dining table in Louis XV style produced in Italy by ORSITALIA. FIORE, Louis XVI style dining tables, are refined and elegant, with smooth legs and Louis XVI rope carving on the apron, which is typical of that period. On the top of the leg sits a Louis XVI rosette carved into the solid timber, which enhances its delicate French look, but our Fiore dining tables and dining tables and dining chairs are 100% handmade in Italy. Fiore Louis XV dining table is produced by Orsitalia with squared or rectangular or round shape which comes in a number of sizes on demand. Orsi Italia’s Louis XVI dining tables model FIORE are made from European beech, and can be polished in a number of shades or lacquered or painted to your requirement.Fiore Orsitalia’s Louis XV dining tables are available in a range of sizes from 6-10 seaters and also more on request.

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L. 200 x D. 90 x H. 78 cm.
Available also with sizes and shape on demand
All ORISTALIA’s models are entirely handmade, like in the best Italian artisan tradition. We start creating our masterpieces from a solid wood’s frame, which is then manually carved by master craftsmen. Our creations then undergo the phase of wood finishing by manual lacquering or by the manual application of metal leaves. Our baroque dinner tables are customized even in size and with shapes on demand. ORSITALIA performs quality control tests in every phase of the production line, to always assure to our customers only the highest quality as an Italian product requires. Our strong point is the ability to offer tailor-made solutions, to fulfill every request of our customers.
ORSITALIA offers the possibility of customizing every slight detail of our models.
Wood Frame: we offer more than 20 different finishing style:
- classic ones like: venetian lacquering, dark or honey walnut – mahogany – sherry – wenghé – “decapé” polishing;
- fashion ones like: silver or gold or aluminum leaf scratch proof, sanded wood brushed to temper in any color;
- modern ones like: all RAL colors matt or glossy glazing Find more
Upholstery: ORSITALIA offers more than 40 different leathers and textiles, such as cotton velvet, fire proof velvet, silk satin, linen satin, damask velvet, eco leather even fireproof, genuine leather, eco fur.
After selecting the fabric of your interest you can select your perfect color, thanks to our vast offer we are able to find almost every existing color Find more
Finishing: ORSITALIA offers custom-made solutions also for buttons and for the finishing touch of the upholstery as: different kinds of trimming, different kind of ribbons or different kind of nails.
For wood: avoid using solvents and abrasives, use to clean only a humid soft cloth. Remember the wood is alive, so do not put into too damp or too dry rooms.
Do not expose the product directly and for longtime to sunlight and never to the rain. It is a product for Interior Designs.
Do not put the product near any heating sources.