01 Jan 2018

BERGERE by ORSITALIA: wooden and upholstered in fabric or leather Reading Wings Armchairs, custom-made Churchill Style armchairs, in rounded and carved Beech wood, armchair with high backrest tufted or plain, 100% Italian production granted by Orsiitalia. Orsiitalia produce all its English style armchairs artisanally and completely in Italy, in brianza Area at north of Milan, to grant the real customized Italian Designs production. Orsitalia can customize each single Churchill armchair Bergere in wood lacquering or polishing with a wide colors palette and in the upholstery in order to have a tailor-made Tufting, soft or hard arms and seat cushion. About covers Orsitalia can produce Bergere armchairs in leather using high quality leathers as: grain leather, vintage leather or Nubuk one. Even for textiles Orsitalia has a wide choice such as: velvets matt or glossy, printed velvets with geometric or damask decorations, linen and cotton natural fabrics, tartan fabric, pieds-de-poule fabric in different colors, warm and soft wool in trendy hot colors. Orsitalia makes tailored armchairs using special talian textiles both classic and modern and has studied for Churchill armchair a higher backrest to lay comfortably your head and be more comfortable during yr reading. For your relax you can add to Bergere armchairs also the big foorest to lean your legs.
So, thanks to the customizations offered by Orsitalia, this contemporary classic armchair Bergére is suitable for any kind of living corner both into a house or into a hotel, restaurant, tea and coffee shop. Call us we will present our world made of wood, beauty and Italian Designs.

Info request about this product

Armchair with high backrest: W. 75 x D. 85 x H. 104 cm.
Sofa 3 places: W. 190 x D. 85 x H. 104 cm.
Sofa 2 places: W. 150 x D. 85 x H. 104 cm.
Stool: W. 80 x D. 60 x H. 45 cm.
Reading Armchairs Bergere to be putted in front of fireplace in English Style tailor-made.
They are available both:
- in leather: grain leather, vintage leather and Nubul leather;
- in fabric: uni-colored stain-proof velvet matt or glossy, tartant and pieds-de-poule fire resistant fabrics, Linen and cotton fabric and warn and soft wool.
All Bergere collection for Sitting-room is 100% Italian cutom-made products.
High and ergonomic backrest combined with a soft seat cushion in feathers with core in polyurethane makes Bergere Armchairs, with big ears to lean your head, a comfortable armchair to be putted also in your office, in a library, in a coffee or tea shop.
The small arms are soft padded to give more comfort.
Shapely wood frame, in natural rounded and carved Beech wood, complete the overall picture.
The upholstery of backrest is in quality polyurethane foam in different density and it can be tufted or plain.
Orsitalia under all Bergere armchairs put spring suspension to grant long-term and cosy use.
The armchair's substructure is in solid and stable wooden.
Wood Finishes are customizable in different colors even on customer's sample.
ORSITALIA offers the possibility of customizing every slight detail of our models.
Wood Frame: we offer more than 20 different finishing style:
- classic ones like: venetian lacquering, dark or honey walnut – mahogany – sherry – wenghé – “decapé” polishing;
- fashion ones like: silver or gold or aluminum leaf scratch proof, sanded wood brushed to temper in any color;
- modern ones like: all RAL colors matt or glossy glazing Find more
Upholstery: ORSITALIA offers more than 40 different leathers and textiles, such as cotton velvet, fire proof velvet, silk satin, linen satin, damask velvet, eco leather even fireproof, genuine leather, eco fur.
After selecting the fabric of your interest you can select your perfect color, thanks to our vast offer we are able to find almost every existing color Find more
Finishing: ORSITALIA offers custom-made solutions also for buttons and for the finishing touch of the upholstery as: different kinds of trimming, different kind of ribbons or different kind of nails.
For wood: Vacuum cleaner or soft dry cotton cloth. Remember the wood is alive, do not use harsh household cleaners.
For Velvets, wool, linen, satin: Vacuum cleaner or dry cleaning.
For leather, fake leather, microfaser: wipe off dirt lightly with a damp cotton cloth.