05 Dec 2018

Cross marble coffee table modern design for living room by ORSITALIA. Cross by ORSI ITALIA dark wood and oval green marble big low coffee table cm. 200x 130, tailor made in Italy. Cross by Orsiitalia is a low coffee table with a wood double y-base or 3-star base, with Alpi green big marble top available in a rectangular, oval or square shape. It belongs to a collection of accent tables created by Orsitalia’s Italian skilled craftsmen. Sporting a rational construction, the oval, rectangular and round models base consists of a strong beech wood frame made of y-shaped legs joined by a streigth sleek and neat connector. Cross dark wood and green marble coffee table with its perfectly symmetrical cross-shaped frame finished in dark walnut or wenghe, upon which rests a big oval marble top of cm. 200 x 130. Opt for this style in your home and it’s sure to play just as important a part in your Living Room Design. Bespoke sizes upon request.

Info request about this product

Oval coffee table: cm L. 200 x D. 130 x H. 40
Cross, designed by Orsitalia, is a big oval low coffee table with top marble Alpi green, structure in strong beech wood stained or lacquered with Y-shaped feet.
ORSITALIA offers wide choice of polishing and modern lacquering for the wooden coffee table's base.
The top can be customized with wide choice of modern marbles and wooden tops in different veneers.
Cross coffee table have been studied by Orsitalia's designer also for glass top.
For wood: avoid using solvents and abrasives, use to clean only dry soft cloth and only once damp soft microfibre cloth. Remember the wood is alive, so do not put into too damp or too dry rooms.
For glass: use a soft microfibre cloth to remove the dust and then wipe the glass with its cleaning products and soft cloths to avoid scratches and rigging.
For marble and stone: being a living material, has a tendency to absorb any substance that comes into contact with the top itself. For ordinary cleaning it is sufficient to wipe the surface with water and a neutral detergent or alcohol, taking care not to use too aggressive detergents (very high or very low pH), and in particular to immediately dry the clean surface with a cloth cotton.
Avoid exposing the surface to chemicals and solvents.