19 Oct 2021

SYMPHONY wooden coffee table by ORSITALIA, a classic design coffee tables, side tables with basement in strong beech wood carved and marble top for Living Room, Italian handicraft production. Symphony classic baroque rectangular or squared coffee tables and small smoking tables are used in luxury classic conversation area as perfect complementary piece of furniture. SYMPHONY by ORSITALIA classic glass, wooden or marble living room coffee tables represent a valid solution in environments characterised by a mixture of different finishes, serving their purpose with a neutral touch and contributing to a bigger feeling of space, that becomes unique thanks to the customization offered by Orsi Italia. Orsitalia produces tables, Made in Italy, for Living room in different sizes to be placed in front of a sofa or in the middle of your sitting room. Symphony small tables, 100% produce in Italy and in strong carved wood by Orsiitalia, can be used as a side table with a lamp adding an extra reading light for your relaxing moments or for your coffee/tea break.Today, furniture fills our living and working spaces. It makes a statement about our taste for practicality and aesthetics and Orsitalia satisfy with their customization and craftsmen production to any Indoor and Decor Project.

Info request about this product

Rectangular coffee table:W. 130 D. 70 H. 55 cm.
Big Squared central table: W. 120 D. 120 H. 55 cm.
Small table: W. 70 D. 70 H. 55 cm.
All ORISTALIA’s models are entirely handmade, like in the best Italian artisan tradition. We start creating our masterpieces from a solid wood’s frame, which is then manually carved by master craftsmen. Our creations then undergo the phase of wood finishing by manual lacquering or by the manual application of metal leaves. Our sofas are then manually upholstered using polyurethane foam and feathers for the padding. The finest leathers and velvets or silks give the final touch. ORSITALIA performs quality control tests in every phase of the production line, to always assure to our customers only the highest quality. Our strong point is the ability to offer tailor-made solutions, to fulfill every request of our customers.
ORSITALIA offers the possibility of customizing every slight detail of our models.
Wood Frame: we offer more than 20 different finishing style:
- classic ones like: venetian lacquering, dark or honey walnut – mahogany – sherry – wenghé – “decapé” polishing;
- Contemporary ones like: silver or gold or aluminum leaf scratch proof, painted in any color;
- Glam and modern ones like: all RAL colors matt or glossy glazing
Top of tables for Living room: glass float mm. 12, also tempered and colored. Wood and natural marbles and stones.
care istructions
For wood: avoid using solvents and abrasives, use to clean only dry soft cloth and only once damp soft microfibre cloth. Remember the wood is alive, so do not put into too damp or too dry rooms.
For glass: use a soft microfibre cloth to remove the dust and then wipe the glass with its cleaning products and soft cloths to avoid scratches and rigging.
For marble and stone: being a living material, has a tendency to absorb any substance that comes into contact with the top itself. For ordinary cleaning it is sufficient to wipe the surface with water and a neutral detergent or alcohol, taking care not to use too aggressive detergents (very high or very low pH), and in particular to immediately dry the clean surface with a cloth cotton.
Avoid exposing the surface to chemicals and solvents.